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Craving an authentic life?

Are you striving for a
deeper connection to
self, your health
and passions?

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You’re ready to come back to what is truthful to you. To discover a love affair with yourself as the shift comes rooted in your sacred heart. To see your perspective on life shift, relationships change, your desire to do what you love evoked, clarity in purpose and direction, an adaptable and vibrant body, and you may notice people checking you out! To hear people saying, “whatever you are doing, PLEASE TELL ME, I WANT IT!”


Before the breakthrough...

Coming from my past busy life as an actor, I had a “GO, GO, GO” mindset, an intense drive for career and a work life balance that was based upon 60+ hour weeks. I constantly felt depleted, leaning towards substances to relax, my body was in pain, my digestion was crap and I constantly needed a LOOONG vacation. After many years of this exhaust, my life began to crumble. I fell deep into depression and had panic attacks every time I left the house. I was uncomfortable, sad, frustrated and didn’t feel like myself, the loving, bubbly person I thought I knew. I went to the doctor, and without offering any other options, she calmly and routinely handed me a prescription for medication. I knew in my bones that this was a bandaid, that this was not a fix, that there was something deeper and I knew there had to be another way.


I had always been fascinated in the healing arts, learning yoga and meditation to calm stressors and feel connected to my body, but it wasn’t until I learned about Ayurveda that my world began to shift. I dedicated myself to learning the Art and Science of Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda and man oh man I fell in LOVE! I started to fall in love with my skin, accept the challenges and release the chains that I had been holding onto for so long for protection.

My digestion, my relationships, my career changed because I started to come back to myself, my truth, my desires and passions that had been hidden away for so long. I knew so many other people felt this way and it was my purpose to support women and men along this journey. To feel that sacred connection to themselves and the world around them.

As an Ayurvedic Wellness Coach focused on the feminine form of healing, I help women and men through one on one coaching, group programs, workshops and retreats.

In an instagramable world that is focused on image, workout fads and diets, I noticed that we were so focused on becoming “healthy” that we lost the ability to know what we really need. Ayurveda and the vedic sciences are based on knowing oneself, connecting to the natural rhythms of the world around you and being in tune with what is right for you. Something that might be incredible for us might not be for our neighbor and this discernment “muscle” needs exercising at this time.

This is why my passion is so strong as an advocate for teaching the feminine form of Ayurveda and Yoga, that you have everything you need already, you are not missing anything, you are whole.

We are unravelling what is truthful to you and what supports you to have the most vibrant life. My humble teacher, Katie Silcox, has immensely inspired me to be a part of community, to move past the guru hierarchy and recognize that we are all on this journey, to be the healer as well as the healed. My business is built on a foundation of love and discovery, of acceptance and truth, because when we are in this alignment we are able to see our most abundant and creative lives. This is not your fad diet, this is not your instagrammable yoga pose, this is you with your unique and beautiful gifts.

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Over a warm chai, you’d learn…

Malia is a soul-connection seeker, music maker, booty shaker and lover of the wilderness. She expresses herself through good conversation, cooking for loved ones and singing a tune that she just can’t keep in. She loves to be wildly goofy, but treasures moments of stillness. Community and authenticity are what she seeks, always with hug and a good laugh to come home to.

The formal bio of Malia Wright

Malia Wright has been in the wellness world for 7 years, teaching Yoga and Ayurveda through 1-1 coaching, group programs, workshops and retreats. She is an E-RYT 200, an ISHTA Yoga Certified 300hr Teacher, and an Ayurvedic Wellness Coach through the Shakti School. She holds a B.F.A. in Theatre Performance with a minor in Psychology from Chapman University. She is honored to transcend teachings from her teachers, Katie Silcox, Alan Finger, and Mona Anand.